Digital X-ray UC-shaped Mechanical Structure OTU-01

Digital X-ray UC-shaped Mechanical Structure OTU-01

Product Highlight

- Positions controlled by electricity (touch button/ remote control), running stable with low noise.
- Large adjustable range of SID can meet different kinds of exposure needs in clinic
- UC structure brings high stability
- Concise man- machine interface simplifies workflow
-The angels of arm, detector, and tube can cooperate to show proper positions for clinical requirement
- All movement parameters displaying on touch screen directly are clear at a glance.
- One-button memory function can be set easily, be convenient to the user, and save time.
- Anti-collision function and emergency stop function can reduce the risk, ensure the safety.

Specification Brief Introduction:

-Size:2306x1608x2263 mm  (Length x Width x Height)
-Distance of Focal Spot to Floor:350 - 1700 mm (Vertical)
-Rotation Range of U-Arm:-30゜-  +120゜
-Rotation Range of Detector:-45゜-  +45゜
-Rotation Range of Tube:-45゜-  +225゜
-Travel Range of SID:1000 - 2000 mm
-Bucky size:17' x 17'
-Touch Screen:7" TFT
-Power supply:220V AC
Customized service is available

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